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Have you ever heard of ancestral tie extraction? Have you seen within families the same trauma pattern that  generation after generation seem to battle? 


Newest research suggests that stress patterns are passed through generations. 


These can appear as any mental and physical challenge— anxiety, depression, addiction, physical conditions that we might THINK are from the environment but are actually genetic expression.

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How do we carry the stories of our ancestors within us? 


If you look at an image of the back of our brain it might look like the ancestral tree. There is basically an ancestral tree in our ancient brain and the  “roots” go down to the base of the spine. The brain and spinal cord determines our genetic expressions. 

Yet our Ancestral Line is not only DNA and RNA but vibrational energies that contain our past, our present and our future. 

These “ties” contain beliefs, experiences, traumas, and emotions that are immemorial throughout our ancestors.

Therefore, harmful patterns get passed down through our family.


I have found this ritual to be the most important in our present day healing so that we can be free of these ancient ties and take ownership of a new and healthy physical and emotional body.  

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