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NSHIMTA, A Shamanic Practitioner

I was an alternative chiropractic physician for 35 years with specialties in Neurology, Endocrine based Nutritional Counseling/Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, and body/mind therapies such as Neuro-Emotional-Technique (NET), and trans-personal mental health counseling based on Adlerian Psychology and yes, even more modalities to help my patients.

Through a series of events I found a new place, a new profession (well, a resemblance of the old), a new path, a new goal, and ultimately an enormously better way to heal others.

I found Shamanism. I found how to be a Healer in a mightier way and that was being The Mama Shaman.

I offer you a unique blend of healing that helps you to access your authentic power and true potential.

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"WOW! The most spiritual, crazy, insane experience of my life. I want a scientific explanation to this experience!  I realized that Spirit and I Am One."  - Chris 

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