Escorting souls to their afterlife


My primary service is psychopomp.  


As a psychopomp, I am the escort for souls to their afterlife.  


Some of the well-known psychopomps are the Greek god Hermes, Archangel Michael and Jesus.


My guidance promises a flowing and successful transition for you and your loved ones, or those spirits who are in your home that are waiting for me to help them cross. 


This has long been a role of the shaman, who has the ability to travel to the spirit realms and offer help to those in need.  


This is my sacred duty of Shaman and I am honored to have this ancient role of making a road for the spirits to crossover.


Psychopomps are generally:

  • Adept at guiding others through such transformative experiences as death.

  • Compassionate, nonjudgmental, and friendly

  • Experienced border crossers and walkers between the worlds

  • Shapeshifters who can change their appearance to match the setting and the times

  • Arbiters of change for individuals and the culture

  • Magical beings who can facilitate healing in unexpected ways.

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