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Is Your Soul Lost?

One might say this is the most important level of healing in the Shamanic practice.


What is our “soul?

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Soul Retrieval

Soul is our essence.

It is our vitality, our life force, untainted and pure.

Basically it is what keeps us alive.

In our culture, psychological counseling/talk-therapy is one of the commonly accepted methods of treating such conditions that are caused by soul loss. Yet, some mental health and other healing professionals are finding that this approach may not be effective in all circumstances.

As is often seen, some people can be in therapy for years and still not recover what is lost...


• Do you have problems with your immune system, or trouble resisting illness?

• Were you chronically ill as a child? Or are you ill as an adult?

• Do you have gaps in your memory of your life after age five?

• Do you struggle with addictions; for example, alcohol, drugs, food, or gambling?

•Do you find yourself looking to the external, or others, to fill up an internal void or emptiness?

• Have you had difficulty moving on with your life after a divorce or the death of a loved one?

Think of your Soul as the image

looking back at you while you look into the mirror.

A sudden impact breaks the mirror, it shakes,

some pieces fall off and scatter.

They may land on the counter or

down on the floor below.

Now the mirror is marked by cracks with

chunks missing and the image looking back at you is fragmented.

The shattered pieces are still nearby as you stoop to gather them.


is finding the pieces of the mirror that have gone

missing and restoring it.

Looking into the mirror, you see your reflection as whole, complete

and the "soul" is visible once again.

Soul Retrieval is also for physical healing!

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