Reviews on working remotely:

I've worked with Nshimta, I think, at least 3 times now remotely and 3 times in person. I don't notice any difference between the two ways. I hear the drum beat and any feelings or insights that come up would be the same whether Nshimta is beside me in person or she is beside me by phone or Skype. To me, it's the same...the only difference is I can't give her a hug afterward when working remotely . Certainly, her work is the same...there really isn't time/ space when working with Spirit/energy . It's all good!  C.H.

I agree that working remotely has not affected my experiences of healing and “going on the journey” with Nshimta. I just make sure I’m at home without disturbances and close my eyes and listen to the drum beat. Many times I will see images or sense things- I try not to get too attached to them and let them flow. She goes through a re-cap after the session to talk about what she sensed and worked on- and that is the part that has blown my mind! (How did she know!...) and of course I see a difference afterwards with what we’ve worked on. She helped me with my daughter’s health issues and I am so grateful every day that we could address it on a spiritual level when physical alone wasn’t working  M.K

Reviews on Houseclearing w/ Psychopomp:

Thank you so much, truly. You helped me to see them in a different light. At first I was getting scared of them but seeing you talk to them with such love reminded me that they were just people and they just needed to go home. S.I.

We are doing good!!  House feels less full if that makes sense.  N.R

Reviews on Shaman Healing Circle:


The most spiritual, crazy, insane experience of my life. 

I want a scientific explanation to this experience!  I realized that Spirit and I Am One. Chris

I am so thankful that I was able to attend the Shamanic Healing Circle and be chosen to be in the center circle.  Immediately following the session, I felt unblocked from the love pain I needed to get over.  Awesome!  Also, I physically feel different, but am unable to explain what the difference is.  Again, awesome! Deb


I can not thank you enough for this last weekend. My individual session and the Shamanic Healing Circle were AMAZING! I am so grateful I was able to be a part of this. It kicked off what was a truly amazing divinely guided weekend for me. Thank you for all you do 😊 Chris

General Reviews

So many emotions that cannot be appropriately expressed by words. 


WOW. I’m blown away. This truly resonates with my inner being. Who would have thought my spirit animal would be a rhinoceros!? (An absolute honor). Before reading into  the symbolism, I felt immediately connected. Not only with it’s characteristics, but the the texture of his skin, the pressure of my hand agains his firm body and stance, the smell of the grass that surrounds him.. There is an innate understanding within. I know that the rhino has always walked beside me, us beside each other, and I feel that the bear is making a presence in my life at this time. I am awaking. I’m slipping into the dreamworld of where I will find truth. I feel that this relates to the frequent dreams  I’ve been having lately, dreaming more than I’ve had in years. 


And so much light has been shed on this whole ordeal of death!? I’ve always known that the fears I, we, deal with in this life are due to incidents that have happened in our past lives. It also helps me cope: ie. I have a fear of sharks, however I go into the ocean knowing and believing that that was an accident I faced in a past life, so it’s safe for me to swim Here.

But the way you pulled it all together really put it into perspective. 


I’m actually pretty aware of my surroundings, this I thank my concerns for. My thoughts however tend to be obsessive, so it can come off as a fear, but I don’t believe it to be.  


I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you Nshmita. The experience has been very humbling, and I’m SO eager to step into this new direction.

I can’t thank you enough for time, your guidance, your energy, and your love.   Stefanie

Text Review

I'm absolutely at the transformation of my life, the quick gain of k knowledge and spiritual growth, and how fucking amazingly happy I am.  1 1/2 years clue ..just started on healing self and reopening the gifts I knew I had...knowing I'm not crazy is the best lol

I cant thank you enough! TK