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I give every effort to integrate and offer you new therapies from Shamanic healing to nutritional

therapies, acupuncture, spinal balance, and numerous Body/Mind techniques for your whole health.


I believe that wholistic medicine is the treatment blend of all aspects of the body--

the structure, the organs, the brain, the emotions and the Spirit.


I see patients who have dis-ease from headaches, chronic pain, gut problems, endocrine issues,

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and feelings of spiritual/emotional emptiness.

“Whatever it takes” has always been my motto for 30 years of

professional healing experience.

Spirit Extraction

Shamanic extraction works with misplaced energy or intrusions.


As a Shaman, it is understood that emotion can take the form of spirit which can be stored throughout the body and lead to

illness or even injury.


These spirits aren’t necessarily bad, they just don’t belong to the person.

One can compare this to an infection on the physical level.


Or another comparison would be termites in one’s house. They aren’t “evil” they just don’t belong in the house.


This is my Shamanic speciality.

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