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Uncording energy is the process of releasing ourselves from any negative or draining energetic connections we may have with others or situations.


Energetic cords can form between individuals when we interact with them on a deep emotional or spiritual level, and can result in a drain on our own energy and vitality.


To uncord energy, we need to identify and understand the source of the energy cord, acknowledge any negative feelings or emotions associated with it, and then work to release the connection and the energy it represents. 

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Ancient Healers have long held the knowledge that energy is exchanged between individuals through invisible cords.

These 'energetic cords' act like nervous system "hoses".


If you are connected to someone who is having a crisis then their problems may drain your own life force from you in an unknowing siphoning of energy.

For intense conflicts with certain people will typically attach etherically to our solar plexus while sexual relationships often lead to energetical attachment at the level of sacral chakra - leaving us feeling drained without realizing why.

Your heart chakra can connect you to the souls of those who have passed away. While shoulder and neck pain can often be explained by heavy emotional burdens from relationships that included turmoil - this can weigh on your physical body like an invisible fog.

The ancient healer treats the uncording with strength, power, and compassion so that you can let go of these cords

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