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Forest Trees


Healing Drum Circles have the Shaman drumming, chanting, speaking ancient languages. She journeys for your healing. Follow the sounds of her drum and her voice. This is performed on the Zoom app video conference call. Stay in the comfort of your home, while being with community. Wear earphones for fuller sound and energetic clarity.



As many people know I have been doing the online healing circle for months now. Everyone who has been on them has felt the power and the healing of themselves and the planet, and every week they feel it more and more.


This is your time to hear the drum, meditate, journey and be a part of a bigger community.


Let us have togetherness from our own homes. And if you aren’t comfortable with opening up your video or audio-- no problem, no need unless you want to. It is time to listen to the rhythm of the drum and the chants of the ancients to heal ANYTHING.


Subtle or large. Personal or Global. 

Contact us for putting one together for you.

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